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Catnap Petticoat Cat Furniture

Catnap Petticoat Cat Furniture
Item # CNptcf
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For the playful princess of a pet in your life, this adorable piece of pet furniture will be hard to resist.

Available in the girliest of colors, this prissy pet sofa is an ideal resting place for any small pet with a need for a place to rest their head.

The round style of the bed and the cozy neck roll make this the ideal resting place for your cat or dog, and so long as they are under 12 pounds in weight they should fit comfortably and safely within the circular seating area of this divan.

Just right for the feline or canine diva in your life.

Fabric: 100% Cotton.

Dimensions: 20"w x 15"d x 8"h / Seating Area 20 x 13

For one cat or dogs up to 12lbs.

To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

This product is not returnable so please measure correctly.

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Catnap Petticoat Cat Furniture