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Day Pet Bed Furniture

Day Pet Bed Furniture
Item # SHdbpf
Sale Price$239.95

Certainly not for the more reserved home decorator, this is an eclectic dog furniture option for the four-legged little guy in your life. This is a structurally sound, rough pet friendly option that would fit well in even the smallest corner of any home, adding a unique decorative element to any home.

This is unlike any of the other options you may have considered when it comes to a pet bed. Furniture like this is the next wave in true pampering for your dog, providing them with a comfy sleep spot without having to sacrifice the beauty of your furnishings already in place.

Easy assembly.

Overall Dimensions: w33" x lgth20.5" x h15"
Cushion Dimensions: w24" x lgth20"

* Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for delivery of this item.

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Day Pet Bed Furniture