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Georges Comfortable Dog Quilts

Georges Comfortable Dog Quilts
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Perfect for those who have attached relationships with their pampered pooches, the George Dog Quilt is the perfect quilted pet mat to keep your dog comfy and warm wherever they may follow you.

This two-sided dog blanket is constructed of a corduroy fabric on one side and a sherpa lining on the other, providing a snuggly spot to help your pet relax and enjoy being in your company.

These quilted dog mats are thick and durable, perfect for use under desks, in front of fireplaces, or even at the foot of the bed at night.

The fabric helps to keep dog fur on the blanket and out of your sofa or carpet, and it is machine washable so your pampered pooch can always have a fresh and clean place to kick back after a long day.

Ideal for sofas, cars, and under desks. Machine washable.

Lime and Red Corduroy come in 2 sizes: 32" square and 55" square

All other colors come in 47" square

*Please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Georges Comfortable Dog Quilts
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Georges Comfortable Dog Quilts