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Set of 3 George's Catnip Toys

Set of 3 George's Catnip Toys
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True pet lovers have more than a pampered puppy to deal with at home. If your feline companion is equally spoiled, they will love this set of hand-knit catnip toys.

Your cat can have its choice of seven dog breeds to get its revenge on, and they will have hours of hours of play with each due to the solid knit construction and durable poly-fill and catnip stuffing.

With a long string so that you can join in on the fun, even the most active pets will love pouncing on and playing with these fun catnip toys for cats.

There is always the option of interactive play with your feline friend or independent entertainment with this set of three dog-shaped toys so they can keep your pesky kitty occupied and out of your hair for hours on end, so you can actually get some work done for once. 6" in length.

At times there may be a different breed or two if out of stock.

*Please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Set of 3 George's Catnip Toys
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Set of 3 George's Catnip Toys