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Giovanna Style Italian Dog Carrier

Giovanna Style Italian Dog Carrier
Item # AURicgm
Sale Price$459.95

If your pet prefers European designs, then you might like to consider the Giovanna Style from the range of Italian luxury pet carriers. Fashioned from Italian Crocco leather and trimmed with sheepskin fur, this bag is reminiscent of a sleepy Sunday afternoon, enjoying a delicious espresso in a high end coffee shop overlooking a breath taking Italian landscape.

This beautiful sleek carrier is functional as well as sleek. Mesh paneled sides provide the proper airflow while the removable cushioned bottom serves for ease of cleaning. It also features an elasticized safety cord that attaches to your dog's harness. This bag fits the smaller pet who is only looking to be carried in the best of luxury.

Size is suitable for pets up to 10 lbs.
Dimensions are as follows: Width 16" / Depth 8" / Height 12"

*Please measure your pet correctly because this item is not returnable.

*Please allow 10-15 business days on delivery of this item.

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Giovanna Style Italian Dog Carrier