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Heated Cargo Travel Dog Bed

Heated Cargo Travel Dog Bed
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Pets Will Love Riding in Back

This innovative Heated Cargo Dog Bed will have your pet loving your travel expeditions. Pets can travel in comfort all the time no matter where you are off to.

The Heated Cargo Pet Bed fits in the back of SUV type vehicles and can be plugged into a standard accessory outlet to provide low-level heating comfort. The patent-pending heating technology evenly heats the bed, providing low-level, therapeutic warmth.

Sturdy yet comfortable, the orthopedic foam padding supports and balances body weight relieving pressure points and the stress of travel on pets bones and muscles for much happier travel.

Make traveling a treat for your pet, with the Traveler Cargo Bed.

Adjustable Fit: Our Cargo Bed has adjustable side panels that can be folded up or down to accommodate different size vehicles.

Orthopedic Foam Padding: Soft orthopedic padding evenly distributes weight to eliminate pressure points, reducing stress on muscles and bones.

Durable Easy-Clean Cover: The rugged and durable outside cover is made of tough rip-stop fabric, making it stain, water and scratch resistant as well as easy to clean. The bed's foam padding is protected with a waterproof liner.

Pet Safe Design: A power adapter with an extra long cord allows you to plug into the vehicle's cigarette lighter or accessory outlet. The low voltage (12v DC) electrical system utilizes a simple on/off switch on the adapter, allowing use of the Cargo Bed with or without heat for ultimate pet comfort.

Color: Cloudburst Gray

Size: One size fits all (48"x36") / Minimum (space saver): 35" x 30"

*Please allow for 10-14 days for delivery.

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Heated Cargo Travel Dog Bed