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Holden Unique Dog Bed

Holden Unique Dog Bed
Item # HDudb
Sale Price$315.95

These wonderful unique dog beds will undoubtedly have your dog clamoring for you to consider it as a permanent fixture in your home.

What a truly unique alternative to your ordinary style dog beds. No doubt, most everyone will have something nice to say about it, but more importantly your pet will step up and onto it, and stretch out in comfort and style. Do not be surprised to catch him sleeping for hours on end within its splendid contours.

Made of bent plywood with a water/temperature-resistant finish, the platform is perfectly suited for a small cushion, blanket, or whatever soft surface your pup likes to sleep on. The piece stands 4.75 in height, just high enough to get a house pet off the ground without making it difficult for even the smallest pets.

 Comes available in a Walnut finish.

Lambskin sold seperately.

To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide.

*Please allow for up to 3 weeks on delivery of this item.

This product is not returnable so please measure correctly.

Holden Unique Dog Bed
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Holden Unique Dog Bed