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About Us

We here at Pamper Me Puppy want to help you celebrate the joy that your pet has brought to your life by offering them only the best in creature comforts. This is why we decided to search out some of the best wears and accessories that are pet friendly, stylish and of the highest quality, and make them available to you in a friendly online shopping experience.

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the proud owner of our online pet boutique. My pets are not only like family to me, but are my family. In 2005, my 12 year old mixed breed sweetheart Sugar became ill with cancer. I was faced with a devastating decision to save her life by amputating her left hind leg. Although she is senior in her years, she was otherwise very healthy and surprised people with her playful puppy spirit. Today, at the ripe old age of 13, Sugar is going strong and still plays like a pup!

Because my sweet Sugar somewhat lost her ability to step up to our couch as her sleeping and resting quarters, I began shopping for a comfortable pet bed for her. It was then that I realized how comforting it felt to me, in pampering her and catering to her needs even more than ever before. I then set out to begin this endeavor to help all who want to pamper their pet, and never have them feel they are just animals, but that pets are our family indeed.

With my love and respect for all animals and decades of experience that my husbandís family has had in the fashion industry, we hope to combine that and bring your pet the best in comforts and fashion for years to come.

Thanks for shopping by!

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About Us