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Smoking Jacket Reversible Dog Coat

Smoking Jacket Reversible Dog Coat
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Prepare for those long winter evenings with this Designer Reversible Dog Coat, and for Heavenís sake, spend them in style. The Smoking Dog Jacket is the one and only adornment your pooch needs to prance around the parlor or get cozy and serene by the fire.

Elegant gold, black, and rust paisley brocade create a decidedly sophisticated look, particularly in combination with the buttons disguising velcro closures on the belly band and neck.

This charming number reverses to display the gold, black, and rust paisley color combinations in a striped pattern as well, for when your dog is feeling less aristocratic and more attune to his upper-middle class fashion sense. However he feels and whatever the weather, you canít go wrong with this wonderful article of dog clothing.

*To make sure that each dog is measured correctly, begin from where the collar hits the dogsí neck and measure down the back to the tail. That measurement equals the size of your coat. Available in odd sizes from 5 through 21. If your measurement is an even number, just round up to the nearest odd number. To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide.

**Please allow for up to 3 weeks in delivery time on this item.

Smoking Jacket Reversible Dog Coat
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Smoking Jacket Reversible Dog Coat