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Summer Designer Dog Beds

Summer Designer Dog Beds
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The dog days of summer can be just as hard on your pet as they are on you. As a matter of fact, your dog has a naturally higher body temperature than a human so it is very important to keep them as cool as possible.

This adorable, unique designer dog bed can help to dissipate heat and keep your dog cool and fight the odor-causing bacterium that tends to linger around dog beds as well.

Unlike many of the other unique designer beds for dogs out there, this cover is easily removed and is machine washable as well, so you won't have to worry about the mess that dogs can sometimes bring in with them from the yard or their long day at play.

  • Dryz Intellitemp® combined with Sheehans's Etcetera.
  • Dissipates heat and moisture produced by resting dogs.
  • Antimicrobial to fight odor causing bacteria.
  • Base material Cosmo Cool Spacer - breathable.
  • Outer cover machine washable - Polifill inner pillow.


    Medium Bed (28"x20") - dog up to 30 lbs.
    Large Bed (36"x 24") - dog 35-60 lbs.
    X-Large Bed (43"x 29") - dog 65-100 lbs.

    To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide.

    *Please allow for up to 2 weeks for delivery.

    This product is not returnable so please measure correctly.

  • Summer Designer Dog Beds
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    Summer Designer Dog Beds