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Too Hot to Trot Reversible Dog Coat

Too Hot to Trot Reversible Dog Coat
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Some dogs (and people for that matter) are just too darn sophisticated for their own good. Too full of themselves by far…and have we got the perfect outfit for just such a doggie! Too Hot to Trot is a regal Reversible Dog Coat of dark-chocolate chenille on a background of silvery-blue.

It’s a truly alluring combination that will not fail but make heads turn. You’re probably used to oohs and aahs as your pampered pooch passes by. Still, beware. This coat may well generate results unprecedented, even for the most self-satisfied of canines.

You’ll soon carry your head just a little higher when this outfit is donned and even if you opt for the reverse side, the dark-chocolate criss-cross set against the silvery blue sea, you won’t be disappointed.

And then, of course, there’s the suede collar of chocolate-brown. As a finishing touch, you have velcro closures at the neck and belly-band for easy use. Two keyholes are standard. We recommend hand washing and line drying for long-lasting results.

*To make sure that each dog is measured correctly, begin from where the collar hits the dogs’ neck and measure down the back to the tail. That measurement equals the size of your coat. Available in odd sizes from 5 through 21. If your measurement is an even number, just round up to the nearest odd number. To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide.

**Please allow for up to 3 weeks in delivery time on this item.

Too Hot to Trot Reversible Dog Coat
Too Hot to Trot Reversible Dog Coat
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Too Hot to Trot Reversible Dog Coat