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ZenHaus Dog Furniture

ZenHaus Dog Furniture
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If you detest the eyesore that is your pet's bed or crate, you will love these inconspicuous ZenHaus designer dog crates, made perfectly to accommodate your canine or feline friend and accent your décor at the same time.

These lovely pieces of dog furniture are made in four colors, so whatever type of theme you have going in the various rooms in your home you can be assured that it won't be thrown off by your dog's napping place.

If you don't have a dog, consider the fact that this lovely piece is the perfect place to stash an unsightly litter box as well! Who said you have to sacrifice your home for your pet? We say they can coincide peacefully--and stylishly at that.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans, shaped and polished in lightweight fiberglass to create a sleek, shiny exterior. Fiberlgass can get wet, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use (place under covered deck to prevent leaks under glass top). Easy to assemble.

To learn how to measure your dog correctly please visit our Sizing Guide.

**We recommend that you size this crate according to the size of your full grown adult dog.

*Please expect delivery of this item to be anywhere from 7 - 14 days.

This product is not returnable so please measure correctly.

ZenHaus Dog Furniture
ZenHaus Dog Furniture
ZenHaus Dog Furniture
ZenHaus Dog Furniture
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ZenHaus Dog Furniture